I Am Not an Expert – I Am You

I just want to be clear…

I am not an expert.  I am you.

I may have set up a blog and started writing articles with fancy terms like VO2Max and Functional Threshold Power, but I am struggling to improve just like you are.

I am that guy on the start line that’s sizing up the competition and wondering “What the hell is about to happen here?”

Will I have the patience to pace myself?  Will I have the endurance to cross the finish line?  How hard can I push up the next hill?  And the one after that?

I am the guy who is wondering if my bike is good enough?  Is my tire pressure too low?  Will I remember to reset my computer?  How much water do I need?

James Knott after the OMBC mountain bike race at Alum Creek State Park

Photo by Jackson Sarver

I am a guy with a family who squeezes in workouts in spare moments and hopes they are enough for the Sunday competition.  I love a good bike ride, but I believe in living a balanced life.

Sometimes I don’t eat healthy meals and occasionally I have one too many beers the night before a big ride.

I am writing this article because I want you to know that you and I have the same goals.  We may not go pro, but we certainly don’t want to finish last.  Going fast is much better than going slow, but going slow is better than going nowhere at all.

I am here to be honest with you about my mistakes – the mechanicals, the wrong turns, the tactical errors – so that you might be able to avoid those same problems.

I want to hear from you.  What can I learn from you?  What has been the key to your success?  Let’s share our stories and get faster together.  I’ll give an extra 10 percent if you will!



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