La Ruta de Los Conquistadores – Costa Rica

Heidi Shilling La Ruta de Los ConquistadoresLa Ruta de Los Conquistadores is en epic 3-day stage race that crosses Costa Rica from the Pacific Coast in the west to the Caribbean coast in the east.  This 310 km race is made up of gravel, jeep roads, asphalt and singletrack.  Riders travel from the beaches, through coffee fields & jungles, over volcanoes and more.

In 2013, racer Heidi Shilling won a spot in this challenging race for winning the OMBC women’s expert category.  She travelled down to Costa Rica to experience the trip of a lifetime.  It was an experience she will never forget and she assembled a five minute video about the experience.

The video is mostly made up of GoPro footage and photos and gives us a glimpse of the challenging terrain that the racers face.  Try not to get vertigo, as you watch them tip-toe across rickety train bridges above rushing rivers.  Feel their pain as they churn the pedals up steep washed out slopes.  Finally, appreciate the sense of accomplishment that these cyclists must feel after conquering 3 days of grueling terrain.

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