6 Best Mountain Bike Shoes for Wide Feet

Shimano SH-M088 Wide Mountain Bike Shoes

I’ve been rockin’ the Shimano SH-M088 on my wide feet. What shoes do you like? Let me know in the comment section.

It’s tough being a cyclist with big duck feet.  Most cycling shoes that I encounter in the stores tend to be fairly narrow.  I’m guessing the thought is that slim shoes would be more aerodynamic – and maybe a little lower in grams.

In the past I’ve gotten more informal trail shoes that are good for hiking when you get off the bike – mainly because it seems like the fit is a little wider.  However, I wore a hole in the sides of my Specialized Tahoes and the local bike shop wasn’t going to carry them anymore.  I visited several more stores and no one was carrying wide shoes.

The shoes had gotten so run down that I was in an emergency situation.  I didn’t have the luxury of shopping around anymore because I needed new shoes for the OMBC championship race.  In my rush I settled on a pair of Shimano SH-M088 mountain bike shoes that I bought off of Amazon.  I’m reluctant to buy certain items off the internet because you aren’t always sure they will be comfortable without trying them on.  Luckily, they fit fairly well.  I probably should have bought a size 48 instead of 47, but I didn’t decide that until I had put quite a bit of wear & tear on them.

Are my big flippers a rarity in the cycling world?  I feel like I can’t be the only one with wide feet out there.  Why aren’t the cycling companies producing wider shoes for those of us with extra foot girth?  I’m guessing it’s just a supply vs. demand thing where I fall in the minority.

I decided to do a search and highlight some of the shoes that are available for my wide-footed brethren.  If you know of any good shoes for people with wide feet then tell us about it in the comment section.

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Wide Mountain Bike Shoes

Shimano SH-M088 Wide Mountain Bike ShoesThis list is not guaranteed to be complete.  If you know of a wide mountain bike shoe that is not listed here, then please let me know about it through the contact page or in the comment section.  Thanks.

Giro Men’s 2013 Gauge HV

Giro Privateer HV

Lake MX175

Shimano SH-M088

Sidi Dominator 5 Mega

Bontrager RL MTB

Mountain Bike Shoe Companies

Shimano SH-m088 wide mountain bike shoes

I’m using the cleats from Crank Brothers. What type of cleats do you prefer?

These are companies that produce mountain bike shoes for the North American market.  I was amazed at the selection I found as I compiled the list.  I was familiar with most of the companies, but I didn’t realize that some of them made shoes.  If there is a major company that I missed then please let me know through my contact page or in the comment section.

Bontrager – Wide is available for RL MTB model




Five Ten


Giro – Privateer HV, Gauge HV


Lake – MX175

Louis Garneau




Pearl Izumi




Shimano – Wide available for SH-M088

Sidi – Makes “Mega” width shoes – Dominator Fit Mega




Other Mountain Bike Shoe Companies

Couldn’t find a website for these.  If you have a link or some other information about them, then let me know through the contact page or the comment section and I will update it.


Carnac – Small French company


Thanks for checking out my list.  I would love your feedback.  Is it a useful list?  Please share with your wide-footed friends.  They shouldn’t have to squeeze their feet into shoes.  What shoes do you prefer for mountain biking?  Check out my Facebook page and Twitter feed for more great content.

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19 thoughts on “6 Best Mountain Bike Shoes for Wide Feet

  1. I wonder if J Adler make mountain bike shoes. I have wide feet and have ordered golf shoes from them… Now I’m curious!

  2. Happy t find this info, thanks alot. Hopefully this will allow me to paddle better on my bike 🙂 Will problably buy a pair of sh-m088 like you did. A question: did you find your sh-m088 to be small or big in size? I´m often inbetween sizes and dont know if i want to go bigger or smaller.

  3. I too have wide feet and have several years and many miles of experience with mountain bike shoes. I used the Shimano SH-088 size 49 wide for the 2013 Tour Divide. Although they fit great, they ripped out prematurely in my opinon. They ripped on both sides of the toe box where the outer covering pieces meet, there is a small space of fabric in there. Both shoes ripped within about 2000 miles of use. I wound up using duct tape to keep them together for the last 1000 miles. The reason I say they failed prematurely is becuase prior to the SH-088 I had the previous version SH-087G. I still have them and use them even though they have been ridden for more than 25,000 miles. The design on the toe box cover is slightly different, it is a one piece covering instead of two. If you can find the SH-087 in your size I’d get that. I returned the torn SH-088 for full creidt and purchased the Giro Guage HV – The HV stands for High Volume toe box. I’ve had them for a year now and they are not comfortable at all, TOO NARROW in the toe box even though they are the HV model. I’ve tried everything I can to strecth them, the straps are too short, so most of the time I ride with just the rachet strap attached and the other two are not connnected. I have been searching for the right wide shoe to buy but haven’t found anything I like as well as the SH-087, unfortunatley I can’t find old stock of those in my size.
    Good Luck!!

  4. Thanks for the list! Since switching to barefoot running a few years ago my feet have become noticeably wider and I find it’s almost impossible to find riding shoes. Still using a pair of Shimano shoes from 10 years ago but they’re falling apart and much too narrow. Will try a few of your suggestions!

  5. Hi James, what size shoe are you normally? 47 o 46? I ordered the SS M088 Wide 47 a Size up from my normal 46, but CRC mucked up the order sending a 47 normal fit. Now the wide is out of stock and I’m tempted to try a 48 normal width. The 47 seemed a tad short, so the 48 may be perfect… I’m also a bit desperate as my sole is coming off the old shoes and I’m desperate to pedal my new mtb!

  6. Do you find you can walk easily on tarmac with the Crank Brothers cleats? Am considering egg beaters with the MOT shoe

    • I feel like the Crank Brothers cleats are embedded nicely in the MO88s. I never notice the cleats when I am walking. They are still stiff soled bike shoes, but I find them fairly comfortable. I usually don’t think too much about walking around in them when I am done riding.

  7. Thanks for the info, I will check it out. Problem is manufacturing in China to euro sizing which is narrow. Same thing is happening with regular shoes. I wonder what the belgians, german, dutch,…. are wearing?

  8. I have the sidi dominator 5 in a 47 wide and I love them. I inserted a pair if giro footbeds to increase arch support and kapow no hot spots!

  9. The SIDI mega works great with a 4EEEE size 9.
    Also, I have a pair of cycling candles that I love also.

  10. best cleats are Frog speed plays. I have ridden over 40,000 miles with not problems (3 sets of pedals)

  11. Tried Shimano M089 Wide….too narrow, feet went numb.
    Tried Pearl Izumi X-Alpe Launch II … ditto.
    Looking for a pair of Lake shoes that might have a hope.
    Otherwise, it’s $1000 for custom shoes, ffs.

  12. Just looked at the standard 2016 Giro Privateer in the shop yesterday and they are not for wide feet, I have used a pair for 2 years and my feet balloon over the sole. Northwave have a nice XC shoe that will suit a “taller foot”. The best I could find in the store in 47 was a Shimano SH-XC51. So I second Shimano as a go-to for wide feet. Good luck

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