Quickdirt’s 2015 Race Schedule

James Knott poses with the Garage Bike Project

I am going to try and race the new ride at Tour de Franklinton. I’ll probably be a little out of place, but what’s the worst can happen?

It’s that time of year.  Race promoters are starting to announce their 2015 dates and I decided it was about time to figure out my race schedule for the year.

Thanks to Nahum Burt, who races for Breakaway Cycling in Delaware, for the inspiration to do this.  He sent me his schedule and I made a few tweaks to come up with mine.  If you see him, there is a good chance that I will shredding singletrack somewhere nearby.
Overall, I am planning to do 16 cycling events this year – 9 or 10  XC mountain bike races, 4 or 5 endurance mountain bike races, a bike tour across the State of Ohio, and a local criterium, which is just a good excuse to test out my new Garage Bike. 🙂
In OMBC, I am going to race in the Expert Masters 40+ division.  This is going to be a big jump after spending 5 or 6 years in Sport.  I have no idea how this is going to turn out.  Hopefully, I can make the jump to the longer distances.  I am trying to build up my fitness to that level now.  I have two goals: 1) Have fun. 2) Try not to finish last.
This year I am also going to try a new race series – The Tri State 6 Hours Series.  The closest that I have ever come to this is doing the Mohican 100.  I see this as a good way to get in some long rides for my training and a fun opportunity to meet some new mountain bikers in the Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana tri state area.
The Mohican 100 is on my schedule for the 3rd time.  My big goal for this race is to try and beat my previous time.  …and to beat Cory Knight.  We have a bet.  Whoever wins has to buy the other guy a 6-pack.  Last year, Cory took me to Smokehouse Brewing instead.  It was so awesome that now I feel like I owe him a 6-pack or three.  This will probably be the largest mountain bike race I attend this year.
I love to go bike touring.  I’ve ridden across New York with friends along the Erie Canal.  I’ve tackled the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath from DC to Pitt and Pitt to DC with my father-n-law.  This year I’m hoping to ride from Cleveland to Cincinnati on the Ohio to Erie Trail.  Hopefully, I can stop at one or two breweries along the way as well.  Let me know if you want to join me for the ride.
One thing I am excited about is the opportunity to ride some new trails this summer.  I will be hitting Great Seal, Hueston Woods and the Ohio to Erie trail for the first time.  It will be fun exploring new territory.
I tried to limit myself to 16 races for two reasons.  One, I am trying to avoid getting burnt out.  And two, I want to make sure I have plenty of weekends at home with my family, which is still my number one priority.  I figure if I add any more events I will probably have to drop an event as well.
Check out the list of races and events below.  What events have I missed?  Where are you racing this summer?  Are you tackling any new races this year?


  • April 12 – OMBC Mountwood Park, Waverly WV
  • April 18 – OMBC Mohican State Park, Loudonville, OH


  • May 2 – OMBC Great Seal State Park – Chillicothe, OH
  • May 16-20 (Tentative) – Bike Across Ohio From Cleveland to Cincinnati on the Ohio to Erie Trail (Who wants to come with me?)
  • May 30 – Mohican 100, Loudonville, OH


  • June 7 – Tour of Franklinton (Criterium) – Columbus, OH (I plan on racing the Garage Bike Project on the pavement!)
  • June 21 – Tri State 6 Hours Versailles State Park, Versailles, IN
  • June 28 – OMBC East Fork State Park, Bethel/Cincinnati, OH


  • July 12 – Tri State 6 Hours East Fork State Park, Bethel/Cincinnati, OH
  • July 26 – Tri State 6 Hours Hueston Woods, Oxford, OH


  • August 2 – OMBC Lake Hope State Park, Nelsonville, OH
  • August 9 – OMBC West Branch State Park, Ravenna, OH
  • OR…  August 9 – Tri State 6 Hours England Idlewild Park, Burlington, KY (I will have to pick between these races on August 9th depending on which series that I am doing better in.)
  • August 30 – OMBC Dillon State Park, Zanesville, OH


  • September 13 – OMBC Chestnut Ridge Metro Park, Carroll/Columbus, OH
  • September 27 – OMBC Scioto Trails State Park, Chillicothe, OH


  • October 3 – OMBC Championship / Mohican State Park

Quickdirt’s race schedule will have a permanent link at the top of the page or you can click here.

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  1. Come on now! You can do the 12 HR DINO race on 9/12-13 and still do Chestnut on 9/13! We need to show down at DINO 🙂 I think I am going to try to get both in though. Bad idea?

    • I wanted to DINO again, but I think I’ll have to stick with Chestnut this year. Gotta defend the home course – at least now that Alum isn’t on the schedule. 🙁

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