Quickdirt is Starting a Race Team!

I’m excited to announce that I am starting a new mountain bike race team and we are looking for racers!  Whether you are a veteran racer or just thinking about your inaugural season, this might be a good opportunity for you.

The team name is “Breakaway Quickdirt powered by Champion” and it is a partnership between Breakaway Cycling in Delaware, Ohio and the epic mountain bike blog Quickdirt.com (that’s me).  Champion Feed and Pet Supply in Delaware will be the premiere sponsor of the team.  Together, we are looking to make 2015 the most fun season of mountain biking ever.

You can apply at the following link and please note on your application that you are interested in the mountain bike racing team.  However, before you fill out your application, please read on to make sure you are a good fit.

Breakaway Cycling Sponsorship Application

Who Do We Want?

Breakaway Cycling is a cool local shop located in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio.  The mission of the team is to support the shop and act as ambassadors for Breakaway.  We are looking for riders who want to use Breakaway as their go-to local shop for parts and service.  That means team members should live in Delaware County or surrounding areas like Franklin, Union, Marion, Morrow, Knox or Licking counties.  If you ride regularly at Alum Creek State Park, then you are probably a good candidate for this team.  We want this team to be the pride of Central Ohio.

We aren’t afraid to go fast, but you don’t necessarily need to be quick to be on the team.  We are interested in fun, energetic riders who want to be an active part of race culture in Ohio.  The minimum number of races to be on the team is 5, but we’d love to see you do more than that.  If this sounds like a stretch for you, then you may be a good candidate for our less formal club sponsorship.

Who Is in Charge Here?

Nahum Burt, who raced for Breakaway last year, and I will be co-captains for the team and we have sworn our loyalty to the Breakaway gods.  We have been given 10 total slots to fill for the team – Nahum, myself and 8 others for the race squad.  We also have slots to fill for Breakaway’s club team.  The most dedicated mountain bike racers will be selected for the race squad, while more casual riders or roadies will be on the club team.  For example, if you are more into TOSRV, Pelotonia or a criterium, then you would be encouraged to be part of the club.  But if that’s true, then why are you reading this blog? 🙂

Since Nahum and I are guiding the ship, the team schedule will be based on our racing schedules, which are very similar.  When you are considering whether you have the availability for a summer of racing, you should check out the race schedule I have posted on this site:

James Knott’s Race Schedule

Nahum has a few more races on his calendar that I won’t be attending:

  • Big Frog 65, Cohutta 100 NUE Copperhill TN April 25
  • Shenandoah 100 NUE Harrisonburg, VA September 6
  • Fools Gold 100 NUE Dahlonega, GA 0/0 September 19

The Focus is on Racing

Since Nahum and I are planning on 15+ races each, the race events will be the focus of the team get togethers and socialization.  There will be the occasional team meeting at Breakaway, optional group ride on the weekends or happy hour at Staas Brewing Company in Delaware, but there won’t be any required training rides.  However, we do hope that we can lean on each other for training support and advice.  You are in charge of getting yourself in shape for the races.  If you want to organize a team ride, then that it is encouraged.

In fact, anything that you want to do to help out the team is encouraged.  Ask yourself, what can I do to make this team better?  Are you available to help set up on race day?  Can you stay a little longer to help us break down the tent?  Can you post updates about the team to social media?  The more we help each other out, the more fun this is going to be.

Is Your Heart in the Right Place?

There are some benefits to be being on the team, but if that’s your main motivation then your heart might be in the wrong place.  If you only show up, hammer hard to the finish line, and leave, then you might not be a good fit either.  We are looking for racers who:

  • Cheer as loud as they can for their teammates when they see them racing.  What the heck, let’s cheer for the other teams too!
  • Ask their teammates how their races went.
  • Support each other with mechanical help before and after the race.
  • Give to the team, more than they expect to get in return.
  • Hang out and drink some delicious Staas beer after the race.
  • Don’t act like jerks when things don’t go their way.
  • Are positive role models for the sport and act as ambassadors for Breakaway.

The bar is set high.  Will anyone answer the call?  Or, will it just be Nahum and I riding a tandem at the Mohican 100?  Even if you can’t come to five races you should apply to be part of the club.  You can still come out and race with us.

Apply here:

Breakaway Cycling Sponsorship Application

Please share this with your friends in Central Ohio who like to mountain bike via email or Facebook.  If you have any questions, post them in the comment section.