4M Club: Over 4000 Miles Riding & 400 Miles Running in 2016

To be precise, it’s 4110 miles riding plus whatever I do this Saturday with Joe Worboy and 439 miles running.  In both sports, it has been a mix of road, gravel, bike path and singletrack.

I was trying to think of a cool name for the group of people that went over 4000 miles of riding and 400 miles of running for the year and all I came up with was the “4M Club.”  Lame.  What would you call it?  How many miles did you log this year?  Are you part of the 2M or 3M Clubs?  Did life get in the way and put you in the 1M club?  How many people were able to fit in more miles this year than they expected?

James Knott and his Trek Superfly SS

I got my new bike last February and haven’t looked back since.

Back in March, when Mike Whaley coerced me into joining Strava I randomly picked 3000 miles as my goal for riding and 600 miles for running.  Now, if I was solely focused on achieving these goals I’m sure I could have made it to 600 miles of running.  But, my primary objective has been focused on mountain bike racing rather than mileage, and when I needed to cut out a workout for fatigue, tapering for a race, or because life got too busy, then I usually dropped a run rather than a ride.

Further, in September, I fell on my bike and injured my leg badly enough that I had to stop running for a while.  Would I have made it otherwise?  Not really sure.

James Knott mountain bikes in Downieville, California

On my last day of riding on my California trip, I went over the bars and hurt my leg. I had to cut back on my riding and running for over a month.

What I can tell you though is that MOST of those miles were fun.  Some of the highlights included:

  • Winning the mountain bike division for the Chestnut Ridge Fat Bike Series last winter
  • Hitting every checkpoint at the Death March Ride last March with Chris Knapp
  • Long training rides on the bike paths of Columbus to prepare for the Mohican 100
  • Getting a PR in the Mohican 100 on a singlespeed
  • Placing 3rd in the Expert 40+ division for the OMBC
  • Winning the Glen Oak Elementary 5k and getting my fastest 5K time since high school.
  • Running my first sub-6-minute mile since college
  • Completing the Tough Mudder with an awesome group of guys
  • Riding my bike around the Indian River Bay in Delaware
  • Getting more climbing on my California Trip than I had ever gotten in one week, plus riding some awesome trails.
  • Shredding at Devou Park in Kentucky
James Knott's cut knee

I slipped on the ice on the Alum Creek Reservoir Dam and my knee slammed into a metal grate. It’s still a little ouchy.  This was not one of my fun miles.

But, I also had some low moments as well:

  • Being completely burnt out after the OMBC XC race series was finished and cancelling my plans to race CX.
  • Crashing in CA and having to cut back on my riding and running for a month afterwards.
  • Crashing on the ice covering the Alum Creek Dam (last week) and smashing my knee hard.
  • Snapping my chain at the Mohican 100 and losing 30-40 minutes trying to repair it after a ton of training
Breakaway Quickdirt at Mohican 100

I felt amazing for the first 75 percent of the Mohican 100k and was on target to crush my PR. All my training seemed to be paying off. …then my chain snapped and I lost a ton of time trying to fix it.

As you can see there were definitely more good times than bad times.  It was the kind of year that left me feeling positive and motivated.  …after I took a short break in October to get past my burnout, that is.

And that leads me to 2017.  What should my goals be for 2017?  Should I try to be a member of the 5M Club?  I think if I started focusing on it at the first of the year I might be able to complete it.  I actually had a bunch of workouts in January and February that weren’t included in my totals for this year.

James Knott completes his license plate collection

I completed a huge goal in 2016, when Christopher Seeley showed up to the race at Dillon State Park with the license plates I needed to complete my collection of all 50 states.

So, I have started to think about 2017 and what kind of events that I want to do.  I’m still waiting to see the OMBC and Tri-State 6-Hour schedules.  After I see those, I want to find a few new events that I haven’t done to keep things fresh and exciting.  I’m hoping to hit some new trails and even a couple of new road routes.  I’ve even been contemplating running my second marathon – that may or may not happen.

Quantity is one way to measure success, but quality is definitely more important when thinking about what you want to accomplish.  I will probably start the year off with a mileage goal and see how it’s going.  If I’m not having fun, then I will drop the 5M club and set some different goals.

Let me know if you have any goals for 2017.  Is it a mileage goal?  Beating a PR from last year?  Completing a new event.  I’d love to hear about it.

And… don’t forget to like Quickdirt on Facebook.  See you in 2017!

James Knott at Krispy Kreme

Non-Biking Goal: Eat more donuts this year. …Mission accomplished!