2017 Race Schedule

These are a list of races and events that I am planning on doing in 2017.  There could be changes made as I evaluate my race season and hear about new events.  I’ve included several tentative events that I would like to do, but since I already have 20 events planned, I’m still on the fence about them.  Do you have any recommendations for races or events that I should consider in this year?



  • 14 Chestnut Ridge Fat Bike Series (Mountain Bike Division)
  • 29 Chestnut Ridge Fat Bike Series (Mountain Bike Division)


  • 11 Chestnut Ridge Fat Bike Series (Mountain Bike Division)
  • 26 There is a CR Fatty race, but I will be in Vegas


  • 18 OMBC Mohican State Park (Expert 40+ Division)
  • 25 Barry Roubaix (New)


  • 2 OMBC Mountwood (Expert 40+ Division)
  • 9 OMBC East Fork (Expert 40+ Division)
  • 22-29 Moab, Utah Trip (New/Combo Annual Trip)


  • 7 OMBC Scioto Trails (Expert 40+ Division)
  • 18-21 Dirt Rag Dirt Fest (New/Tentative)


  • 3 NUE Mohican 100 (Singlespeed Division)
  • 17 TriState 6-Hour Versailles State Park (Singlespeed Division)


  • 9 Tri-State 6-Hour East Fork (Singlespeed Division)
  • 15 Chestnut Ridge 6-Hour Race (Men’s Open or Masters)
  • 23 OMBC Lake Hope (Expert 40+ Division)


  • 6 Tri-State 6-Hour Hueston Woods (Singlespeed Division)
  • 13 OMBC West Branch State Park (Expert 40+ Division)
  • 19 Tri-State 6-Hour England Idlewild (Singlespeed Division)
  • 27 OMBC Dillon State Park (Expert 40+ Division)


  • 3 NUE Shenandoah 100 (New/Tentative) (Singlespeed Division)
  • 10 OMBC Chestnut Ridge Metropark (Expert 40+ Division)


  • 7 OMBC Great Seal State Park (Expert 40+ Division)
  • 21 OMBC Mohican State Park (Expert 40+ Division)


  • 4 Iceman (New/Tentative)

5 thoughts on “2017 Race Schedule

  1. James, Saw your weight loss video on you tube. WOW! Curious to now, how tall are you? Do you feel your weight loss was more about what you ate or do you attribute it more to exercise. Both I assume, but did one impact the weight loss more then the other?

    • Diet is way more important than exercise. I rode my bike before I lost weight, but still put on the pounds. One gourmet cheeseburger can easily outset an hour of riding. Add some fries and your toast. 🙂 I eat mostly Paleo-style now and that makes it easy to keep the weight off. I’m 5’10”.

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