This is a list of mountain bike resources that I find interesting or useful.  If you have a valuable mountain bike resource that you think I should know about then please send me the link through the Contact page of the website.

Thanks, James


International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA)


Dirtrag – This is one of my personal favorites.  I have been a subscriber for 4 or 5 years.  They have a lot of great freelance stories that play up the adventure of the sport.  I actually read the hard copy more often than the web page.  I’m so old school. 🙂

Mountain Bike Action – Another great magazine – has a lot of great product reviews and race coverage.

Singletrack – A mountain bike magazine from the UK.

Websites – one of my favorite review sites.  I always head here before my biggest purchases.

bikerumor – lots of great bike news for riders of all styles. – mountain bike strength training system

Blogs – Mountain biker & trailbuilder from British Columbia shares his passion for singletrack.

DC Rainmaker – Not really mountain biking, but Ray Maker writes up great reviews about the latest sports technologies.

Bad Idea Racing – Rich Dillen, Unprofessional Cyclist

Mountain Bike Trailer Park – Comedy-infused look at mountain biking and general cycling culture in Columbus, Ohio.


Athlete On Fire – An inspirational podcast where host Scott Jones interviews athletes about their background, training and motivations.  The focus tends to be on endurance athletes.  I like to listen to it while I’m on longer rides.


I generally check my local bike shop first, but if they don’t have what I am looking for their are some excellent sites on the internet.

Roll: – This is my local bike shop.  They sponsor the Combo Race Team that I am on.  I encourage everyone to check out their store or visit them if they have a location near you.  They are very supportive of Columbus’s biking culture.

Amazon’s Bicycle Store – has great prices, great selection and a great return policy.  Most importantly, their user reviews are a good guide for making informed buying decisions. – Their personal brand of cycling gear is a good combination of price vs. quality.  Definitely good for someone who wants to bike on a budget. – Good prices and selection


Sarver Digital – Many of the photos on this site, including the banner photo on the homepage, were taken by Jackson Sarver of Sarver Digital.  Please check out more of his work at


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